Quebec Product Launch: Rickard’s Dark Beer

Identity And Positioning

The Rickard’s brand manager asked Capital-Image to work with Rickard’s teams on a product launch for Quebec. The product being launched was Rickard’s Dark, a new, dark, porter-style beer brewed with a hint of maple syrup.

After analyzing the data, we concluded that we needed to:

  • Focus on the message of flavour and authenticity
  • Attract media attention

We decided to work with the idea of beer and food pairings. We called on renowned chef Ian Perreault, who is well known to the media, to lend weight and credibility to our message.

The six-month campaign included:

  • A media launch at the restaurant O.Noir
  • Halloween-themed gift baskets sentto radio stations, daily publications and magazines for contests
  • An omnibus survey and media tour with expert spokesperson chief Ian Perreault
  • Beer featured in the media during the holidays
  • Distribution of promotional items to a targeted list of journalists
  • A tour among opinion leaders and influencers
  • Beer tasting for bloggers and twitter influencers
  • Distribution of beer to employees

Our results