Daniel Tardif

Special Advisor, Digital Marketing

Dan has been working in the communications and digital marketing field for over 15 years. His career path is perfectly aligned with the technological advances that have taken place over that time – his career as grown with digital marketing.

He has been witness and learned from the hyper growth of the Web giants, the birth of social media, the dawn of mobile devices, the disruption of traditional media and, more recently, the advent of artificial intelligence. In doing so, he has developed digital strategies for many marketing agencies, production companies and media groups, helping them respond effectively to the new market realities.

Being a businessman himself – and the son of a businessman – Dan understands well the reality of business, its language, the importance of ROI, as well as customer loyalty, along with having the depth of technical knowledge that is vital to his position. All this allows him to deliver exceptional results in the digital marketplace for his clients.