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Bon Matin, La mie de l’artisan

Bon Matin started out as a pioneer brand of grain and cereal breads established in the 1970s and has since become a well-known name among Quebecers. Its parent company, Canada Bread, merged its portfolio of grain and dietary products in Quebec in March 2019 under a single brand of whole grain breads, Bon Matin, and transferred its products from Boulange des Campagnards to another Bon Matin brand called La mie de l’artisan.

Collaborating with Bon Matin since 2016, Capital-Image’s mandate in 2019 was to promote the brand’s no added sugar/fat-free products in order to support sales. The campaign was a great success and Bon Matin decided to continue investing in promoting its new brand.

Bon Matin La mie de l’artisan is a gourmet product with a wonderful taste. Our strategy was therefore to invite people to experience a taste of the pleasure that is healthy eating, by savoring an artisan-style bread. We wanted to create a unique experience where consumers could enjoy the product in the best of circumstances.

To do this, we developed several activities:

  • Complete overhaul of the Bon Matin La mie de l’artisan food truck
  • Partnership with renowned Quebec chef Martin Juneau, which consisted of creating recipes and integrating the product into the menus at his restaurants
  • Association with the Illumi, a large outdoor public event where chef Martin Juneau was asked to distribute samples of his recipes from the food truck
  • Analysis of target consumer behaviour on social networks and creation of strategic content to promote bread and events


Key Learnings

  • The impressive revamped food truck and customized country-like decor convinced the organizers to grant Bon Matin a high traffic location on the event site
  • Visitors were thrilled to meet Chef Martin Juneau and to have the opportunity to taste his recipes, carefully selected to best reflect the brand
  • Using a spokesperson who represents the brand well increases credibility and ensures that the message gets across in an authentic way



  • A total of 3,500 samples were distributed during the 3-day brand activation
  • We generated 8 million impressions from social media content aimed at promoting the program
  • Sales of the Bon Matin La mie de l’artisan breads exceeded expectations
  • Bon Matin was named a finalist in the Pioneer Product category and took home the People’s Choice for this same category at the DUX Grand Prix Awards for 2020.




Our results

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