Launch of a training and human resources website

Strategic Planning

The Sector Committee for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Workforce, TECHNOCompétences is acollaborative body that supports and promotes the development of Quebec’s ICT workforce so that its expertise is recognized worldwide.

The organization’s management gave Capital-Image the mandate of designing and implementing a launch and promotional campaign for the website The website presents a series of multimedia capsules on training in human resource management.

TECHNOCompétences wanted to reach:

  • Human resources managers in ICT companies
  • Decision makers and senior management
  • Key influencers
  • Media that cover ICT
  • Bloggers
  • Training content providers
  • Trainers
  • Professional orders
  • Related resources (departments, other sector committees, etc.)

To reach these audiences effectively, Capital-Image used the following tactics:

  • A communication audit to better identify target group needs.
  • Strategic partnerships for content providers – Capital-Image entered into partnership agreements to expand the reach of the campaign and ensure a longer life to
  • Design, production and dissemination of a funny video on social media – Our audit identified LinkedIn as the tool most used by our audiences. So it was important to generate traffic on HR and technology discussion forums. We created a viral element, in the form of a funny video featuring “HR fails” about the right way to offer employees recognition.
  • Promotional messages – At the same time, we designed promotional messages for TECHNOCompétences to disseminate to its LinkedIn (including targeted HR discussion forums), Twitter and Facebook networks.
  • Print piece – The print piece supported our efforts with partners and was an aid for using the site
  • Survey, media relations and blogger relations – We created news for the media tour with a survey of managers of Quebec small businesses. The survey revealed new data and demonstrated the value of
  • Online advertising campaign – The ad campaign was intended to reach targets who get their information mainly from the web.

Our results