Integrated Communications Plan For Yahoo! Québec

Strategic Planning

The objective of the communications plan was to position Yahoo! Québec as a distinct destination from Yahoo! Canada. How? By offering original content that would resonate with Quebecers. Specific segments of the population, particularly mothers and Internet users aged 18 to 35, were to receive special attention.

After studying the marketing data and brainstorming with the client, we proposed an integrated communications plan. The objectives were to increase the brand’s share of mind and offer consumers engaging, enjoyable experiences. Of course, the tactics used were also intended to drive traffic to Yahoo! Québec. Our communications strategy was to make the brand relevant to Quebec. To do this, we introduced topics that were of interest to the media and increased opportunities for encounters with Internet users.

We used the following tactics:

  • Seasonal media relations campaigns on a variety of topics, putting local spokespeople in the spotlight.
  • Promotional squads deployed for significant events in Quebec.
  • Contests and events for influencers and consumers, such as photo contests and special activities related to a sponsorship program.
  • Moderating Facebook and Twitter communities.
  • Identifying and exploiting opportunities to speak at business events to create connections with this community.

Our results