Event Organization For Innov-Âge

Product Launches And Events

Innov-Âge is a non-profit organization that identifies and promotes solutions and innovations to respond to issues of aging, be they from government, entrepreneurs or society.

In 2010, Innov-Âge was asked by Quebec’s Minister responsible for Seniors to organize an event to promote active aging ― the Journées sur le vieillissement actif (JVA) ― and an award program(InnovA) recognizing excellence in this area. To support this effort, Innov-Âge called on Capital-Image to promote:

  • A colloquium
  • An awards program
  • Mini-conferences
  • A trade show

To instill and advance the philosophy behind the Journées sur le vieillissement actif, it was clear we had to:

1)  Base our efforts on studies on active aging in Quebec and around the world.

2)  Identify, mobilize and concentrate the efforts of stakeholders in the initiative.

3)  Position the Journées sur le vieillissement actif as a forum for knowledge sharing, a communication platform and an opportunity to promote innovations.

Capital-Image proposed the following strategies:

  • Using well-known personalities (Minister Marguerite Blais, Claude Béland and Béatrice Picard) as spokespeople.
  • Building, updating and improving a FileMaker database to reach and inform our audiences.
  • Building and regularly updating a website to serve as a communications hub for the event.
  • Promoting the development of partnerships with other organizations to increase the reach of our communications efforts.
  • Using publicity and media relations to promote the event and foster registration and participation.
  • Creating momentum by announcing progress and the participation of renowned experts over the months.
  • Promoting environmentally responsible communication whenever possible using digital media and recycled paper.
  • Experimenting with video and social media to amplify messages.

Our results