Developed and created a thought leadership for Kijiji Canada

Strategic Planning

Deployment of communication tools


The Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index

Kijiji, which means “village” in Swahili, is the largest classifieds website in Canada, connecting 12 million buyers and sellers each month. With local sites for more than 100 cities and towns across the country, Kijiji offers an easy, practical and fun service to its users, giving those opportunities to meet and exchange goods and services, to share ideas and help each other in several fields such as real estate, job, services, second hand goods and vehicles.


Kijiji has been a client of the Capital-Image since 2012.  We have developed and implemented several media relations campaigns, we manage their social media properties and conduct issues management.

The year 2015 represented a milestone for Kijiji as they are celebrating their 10th year anniversary. For this occasion, Capital-Image recommended a thought leadership strategy in order to position the brand as a trusted expert of the second-hand economy and to demonstrate its real impacts in this economy.

We spearheaded a study across the Canada to define the second-hand economy

The second-hand economy is a significant contributing force to Canada – but until now, we had not measured it in a formal way. A study was conducted across the country in collaboration with researchers from the Université du Québec à Montreal and University of Toronto to measure the intensity of Canadian consumers’ second-hand practices in order to construct an intensity Index of these practices that could be tracked and published annually and allow the ongoing measurement of Canadians’ second-hand practices and their impact on the Canadian economy and the environment.

The Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index Report

Launch of the Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index

For the launch of the Index, we developed a 360 degree approach which allowed us to create a buzz and shine on various platforms as well as ensuring ongoing content creation. Here are the launch’s components:

a.  A media relations campaign across the Canada;

  1. a tailored media approach for both markets (Quebec and English Canada)
  2. a media tour with spokespeople
  3.  an infographic and a video for visual supports

The Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index - Infographics

b.  The creation of a microsite to popularize the Index’s results in order to make those more accessible for the public;

c.  An academics, influencers and bloggers’ relationship campaign;

d.  The development of a web content strategy for the microsite and for Kijiji social media properties.

Kijiji Index Microsite


Our results