Awareness-Raising Program For The WWF

Strategic Planning

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

In 2010, the WWF was preparing for the second edition of its Earth Hour event and wanted to continue to raise public awareness with a media campaign. The WWF also wanted to strengthen its positioning to increase the number of supporters.

Capital-Image was given the mandate to increase the visibility of Earth Hour. We had to secure public involvement and increase the number of registrations. With a limited budget, we developed a two-part media relations strategy to:

  1. Ensure widespread coverage of the event
  2. Promote the WWF brand

We adopted the following tactics:

  • Media relations for the release of the results of a survey on energy consumption a few weeks before Earth Hour. The goal was to prompt spontaneous registrations and public involvement.
  • Media relations a few days before Earth Hour. This was intended to remind Quebecers to participate in the event and to explain how to go about it, and to encourage them to reduce their energy consumption.
  • Working with the Ville de Montréal to offer interviews with Alan DeSousa, member of the Ville de Montréal Executive Committee in charge of sustainable development.

Our results