Reputation And Crisis Management

Your organization’s reputation is both powerful and fragile. Powerful because, whether you realize it or not, it has a major influence on your sales. Fragile because it can be tarnished at any time.

Have you taken the necessary measures to protect your company in case of a crisis or conflict? Reputation – your ‘image capital’ – is invaluable and needs protecting.

Our agency’s top priority is to anticipate crises that can affect your organization. But sometimes crises are unavoidable. In such cases, our specialists advise you on strategic efforts to minimize the impact and restore stakeholder trust.

Reputation management

  • Developing a good corporate reputation
  • Reputation audit and risk evaluation
  • Policy development
  • Proactive intelligence
  • Maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders (media, influencers, bloggers, clients, etc.)
  • Social acceptance
  • Implementation of a crisis cell

Crisis management

  • Crisis management plans
  • Emergency communications plans
  • Crisis management training for key representatives of your company
  • Real-time crisis simulations
  • Crisis communication tool production

Associated services

  • Action Plans
  • Reputation Management
  • Training

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